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June In 2011 the embryo of HELLCHAMBER was conceived. It was the brain child of bassist James Dean Eckert , guitarist Tyler Kinakin and vocalist Shane Stone. After months of searching for a second guitarist, they found their man in November 2011 when Blake Charlton answered a Craig's List ad. In February 2012 the next piece of the puzzle fell into place when Jeremy Hora, guitarist of Default, recommended drummer Barry Branigan for the job on the skins. In June of 2012 Hellchamber recorded and released their debut self titled 3 song EP and proceeded to take the Vancouver bar scene by storm. In November of 2013 Hellchamber released their first full length album "The Right to Remain" with killer riffs , thundering rhythms and bad ass songs. In February 2016 Hellchamber officially announced Garth Allen former vocalist of Flybanger/Jar as their new front man after they performed their first show with him as direct support for Act Of Defiance.


HELLCHAMBER has shared the stage with such notable acts as...Act Of Defiance, Primal Fear, Grim Reaper, Into Eternity, Untimely Demise, West Of Hell, Jar, City Of Fire, Unleash the Archers, and Spellcaster.


HELLCHAMBER's newest EP release "MKII" is available for download on ITunes for just 2.97!!



Garth Allen - Vocals
James Dean Eckert - Sexy Bass God
Tyler Kinakin - Guitar
Blake Charlton - Guitar
Barry Branigan - Drums

AJ Chambers - Manager/asshole/center of the universe skeleton